Alessandro Gravante, a partner in the Palermo office, appeared as an Expert Witness in the High Court in Johannesburg

Alessandro Gravante, Senior Partner in the Litigation Team, attended at the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, appeared as an expert witness on Italian Family Law in a complex cross-border divorce proceeding between two Italian citizens.  The couple had lived in South Africa for more than 50 years.

The court required the support of Alessandro Gravante’s expertise in determining the rights of the parties and the consequences of the marriage and divorce in accordance with the laws of Italy.  Alessandro provided an explanation of how the Italian Courts divide the estates of the parties in long term marriages, where the assets include estates created pre-1975 and post-1975 Reform of the Italian Family Law.

During his expert evidence, Alessandro Gravante provided the Court with an overview on the marital property regime both before and after the Italian Reform of Family Law of 1975, as well as an explanation of the division of assets acquired prior to the reform and also assets acquired during the transitional period following the family law reform.   

The Court also required Alessandro to clarify the validity of de facto separation under Italian law, the validity and enforceability of agreements aimed to exclude or amend the provisions or the consequences of the Italian Civil Code and the effects of the reconciliation of the parties on the separation.

Alessandro is based in Palermo, Sicily, he is frequently involved in international commercial arbitrations over several jurisdictions.  He is regularly requested to appear as an expert witness in a variety of cases.  Alessandro has obtained the prestigious position of Avvocato Cassazionista which permits higher rights of audience before the Italian Supreme Court.  He regularly appears before all levels of civil, employment and criminal courts and he has experience in the Court of First Instance and at the Appellate level courts, including in the Criminal Court of Appeal. He has also had involvement in numerous international commercial arbitrations governed by a variety of rules, in disciplinary proceedings and with an expert determination.

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