Giambrone Invests in Technology to Assist with Class Actions

Giambrone has invested in high-tech software as part of our on-going policy to constantly improve the services to our clients; particularly those involved in class actions against fraudulent brokers.

Gabriele Giambrone commented “it is clear that in order to address the needs of our clients in a timely and efficient manner we must have the best tools available, particularly when dealing with the number of clients drawn into the financial scams”.

We are delighted to report that in a recent survey conducted with our clients the results were overwhelming favourable.  Our rating did not slip below “Good”, with practically a hundred percentage of those who were asked if they would recommend Giambrone responded positively.  The invitation to recommend improvements suggested an improved response time would be welcome in some cases which resulted in the decision to invest in software to give our lawyers more time to devote to the clients.

The new systems will streamline processes and procedures and enable the lawyers to deal with the more important aspects of their clients’ matters.  Maximum efficiency is essential, particularly given the volume of clients caught up in both forex fraud scams and fraudulent binary options trading leading to class actions in various jurisdictions.



Editors’ notes

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