Giambrone's Personal Injury Team obtain Compensation for Legionnaries' Disease Infection

Giambrone’s personal injury team in Italy, headed by Piero Mastrosimone and assisted by Ottavia Pulizzi, has successfully obtained compensation for our client who contracted the potentially deadly Legionella Pneumonia (Legionnaires Disease) during the course of a holiday in Southern Italy in June 2019.  Our client became unwell whilst still on holiday and the last two days he became worse.  Shortly after returning to the UK he was admitted to hospital where a diagnosis was made.  He was treated and discharged home but a full recovery was not made until 1 October 2019 when he was finally declared fit.

Whilst our client battled Legionnaires' Disease it was discovered that a Legionella cluster had been confirmed at the hotel in which our client had been a guest.  Our client informed us that initially when he approached the hotel owners with the information about the serious illness he had contracted at their hotel, he was rebuffed and informed that it was not their liability but that of their external cleaning contractors.  He then contacted Giambrone whose well-regarded personal injury team was instructed to pursue the hotel for damages for the severe illness our client suffered.

Initially the hotel’s insurers, having instructed expert witnesses, again rejected liability.  Giambrone’s lawyers also instructed an expert witness.  Our lawyers then constructed a case involving evidence drawn from diverse sources to comprehensively demonstrate that the entire liability rested with the hotel. After which, on the basis of the medical evaluation provided and the extensive evidence presented, our lawyers negotiated with the insurance company and obtained a financial settlement that the claimant has accepted as satisfactory compensation for his lengthy illness.

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