Business Internationalisation, Italy and the challenges of foreign markets

The Sardinian Desk at Giambrone is proud to announce that we will be hosting an event, to be held at our Sardinian office to launch

“Business Internationalisation, Italy and the challenges of foreign markets”

Friday, 29 September 2017 from 6.00 p.m.

at our offices in in Via Bellieni 36, Sassari, Sardinia

The book investigates the opportunities available with regard to business internationalisation; the authors are the vice-president of the Italian-Arabic Chamber of Commerce, Raimondo Schiavone and the journalist Alessandro Aramu:

Raimondo Schiavone has long been involved in the development of his local community, by providing advice to public authorities and businesses.  Raimondo has been actively involved in numerous projects of international cooperation involving Mediterranean and Arab League countries.

Alessandro Aramu, a well respected serious journalist and author, who has written several books relating to immigration issues and Euro-Mediterranean policies.

Both the authors are widely acclaimed and hold extensive knowledge of the topics discussed and the book looks at the commercial opportunities in the Middle Eastern states and other foreign markets, providing businesses with guidance and information relating to the development and growth opportunities available, with a particular attention to the Arabic-speaking world, by analysing European, national and regional tools available to entrepreneurs.

The authors will be available for a Q&A session and will be pleased to respond questions from Sardinian entrepreneurs that are interested into seizing international opportunities.

The event is sponsored by the Italian-Arabic chamber of commerce and will be held at our Sardinian office on Friday 29th September 2017.

Giorgio Bianco, Senior Associate and head of the Sardinian and Tunisian desks at Giambrone, will be chairing the event.