Vincenzo Senatore appointed to the Board of Directors of International Academy of Financial Consumers

Vincenzo Senatore, senior partner, has been invited to sit on the Board of Directors of the prestigious International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO) a prominent organisation founded in 2015 with 140 members, consisting of university professors, consumers' union representative and regulators.

The objective of the Academy is to serve financial consumers’ interests and to oversee business or regulatory perspectives in an impartial way from the viewpoint of financial consumers in the field of finance and all associated financial sectors such as insurance, securities and banking.

Vincenzo commented “the Academy monitors the global financial sector and aims to deliver solutions to common issues worldwide”.A picture of Vincenzo Senatore  Vincenzo further commented “the oversight of the distinguished membership helps to ensure that consumers are not subject to unfair practices and the developing financial products are fit for the purpose.”  

Vincenzo was a founder member in 2015 and in the past he has addressed the members as a speaker at a global conference in Korea.  He also is an editorial member of the Journal and papers.



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