Gonzalo Butori


Education: Degree in Law, at University of Barcelona,     Master's Degree in Commercial Law, at University of Barcelona

Admitted: 2012

Year Joined: 2012

Languages: Italian, English and Spanish

Gonzalo Butori


Gonzalo has acted in a wide range of international and domestic commercial disputes. He has experience dealing with complex, high-value cross-border litigation.

He has particular proficiency with regard to dispute resolution and represents claimants and defendants in all jurisdictions on civil and commercial matters and regularly appears at mediation and arbitration hearings. He has acted as co-advocate in international commercial disputes under ICC and LCIA rules as well as in other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings.

Gonzalo is recognised for his pragmatic approach and solution-based strategies as well as his robust capacity when pursuing his clients’ best interests. When heavy disclosure in foreign languages is required, he develops and delivers technical solutions to ease the cost burden for clients.

He has assisted in a number of cross-border transactions involving various EU jurisdictions and achieved successful results. He also specialises in the conflict of laws and jurisdiction.

Gonzalo regularly advises international clients in connection with family and inheritance-related cross-border matters. Throughout his experience, he has dealt with high-value and complex matters both contested and non-contested which have given him valuable exposure and experience.

Gonzalo also leads the Latin America LATAM Desk in London where he assists companies and individuals with interests in the United Kingdom in a wide range of matters from commercial contract disputes to advisory work for businesses wanting to enter new markets. He also assists in the development of the Porto office in Portugal. 

In addition to being admitted to practise in England & Wales as a Registered Foreign Lawyer (RFL), Gonzalo is admitted in to practice as an Abogado, a Spanish-qualified lawyer in Spain, as well as Avvocato Stabilito in Italy and divides his time between London, Barcelona and Naples offices.

Recent Cases

  • Represented an Italian company in an Arbitration proceeding before the ICC sitting in London in connection with a dispute arising from breach of contract. The matter was successfully settled.
  • Represented a UK company before the High Court in connection with a claim for breach of contract against a Swiss construction company in excess of £400,000. The matter presented several complexities due to the defendant being based out of the jurisdiction.
  • Represented the CEO of an international well-know clothing brand. We advised our client in connection with the Settlement Agreement with his formed employer and negotiated a substantial termination package for our client.
  • Represented a client in connection with an anti-suit injunction issued in London by the Executor of the estate of an Italian national. The matter related to a high value estate in which the claimant was already part of other proceedings issued abroad.
  • Represented the Director of a UK company in a judicial mediation arising from a claim issued by formed employees and shareholders for unfair dismissal and unfair prejudice. The matter was successfully settled following several negotiations, resulting in saving our client having to attend a 5-days trial.
  • Assisted the London subsidiary of a Japanese company drafting a number of agreements with some of their consultants based abroad.
  • Instructed in Gonzalo’s capacity as Spanish lawyer, to represent a British national in connection with criminal proceedings in Spain for trespassing. The matter was successfully settled and the claim withdrawn following complex negotiations with the claimant.
  • Represented a UK company in an Adjudication process. The case was complex due to the lack of evidential documentation, however we successfully managed to mitigate our client’s exposure and achieved a result that the client aimed for.
  • Represented the Wife in an arbitration proceedings involving assets in Italy and the UK in excess of £2m. The arbitration was conducted in London and it was successfully concluded with a consent order sealed by the High Court in London.
  • Assisted an LGBT client with the drafting of a settlement agreement in connection with the termination of a long-term relationship.
  • Advised, together with our Italian colleagues, a UK based company within the Aviation industry in relation to a supply contract.
  • Instructed in Gonzalo’s capacity as Spanish lawyer, to represent a British national involved in criminal proceedings in Spain in connection with a drug-related case. The matter was successfully settled with the Prosecutor.
  • Acted for a husband against an Italian wife (resident in London) in conjunction with Julie O’Malley of Lamb Building before Mrs. Justice Parker at the High Court of Justice in a significant cross border family dispute involving the application of the MFPA 1984 in circumstances where the divorce proceedings have commenced abroad.
  • Advising an Italian student in relation to a prospective claim against UCL in conjunction with Gregory Jones QC of Francis Taylor Building.


Gonzalo advises both private and commercial clients in a wide range of matters, both contentious and non-contentious.  He advises private clients on wealth management, alternative dispute resolution and family law matters.

Gonzalo is well regarded for his extensive knowledge and expertise when advising foreign clients with regard to their financial interests, mainly relating to estate management issues, together with probate in both Spain and England & Wales.  He also assists athletes and team players with a range of sports law issues.

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