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At Giambrone, our team of specialist lawyers focus on the financial well-being of individuals and families with the aim of protecting their existing assets along with enhancing their overall wealth.

We achieve this by helping them to understand and address issues relevant to their own circumstances and by providing expert advice that enables clients to protect, grow and ultimately pass on their wealth with peace of mind.

By building strong working relationships with our clients and taking the time to understand their personal circumstances, both financial and family orientated, our private client lawyers are able to provide tailor made, clear, concise and practical solutions.

In Giambrone’s Private Client Practice, we also have a team of Italian lawyers who specialise in Italian inheritance, wills and probate. Handling numerous cases, mostly cross-border, over the years, the team has vast experience and expertise in this complex area of Italian inheritance and probate law.

Under Italian inheritance laws, it is possible for the beneficiary / beneficiaries to automatically be granted legal rights over an Italian estate, even in a case where they are not included in the will. The Italian succession procedure is very different from the equivalent of laws of other jurisdictions. Our probate lawyers take time to explain, in simple terms, the rules of law that apply to non-Italian beneficiaries of an Italian inheritance, whether received by Italian Will or by intestacy.

Where a person dies owning assets in two or more countries, it is frequently necessary for probate or the equivalent to be obtained in both or all countries in which the assets are situated. Read more about Italian Grant of Probate and Italian Inheritance Laws.

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