Plus 500 Class Action

Has this happened to you?

  • Did you lose any amount of money trading with Plus500?
  • Were you offered a sign-up bonus?
  • Did you lose money due to a margin call or price you felt was unfair?
  • Did you ever have profitable trades reversed?
  • Were you unfairly accused of market abuse or scalping?
  • Did you experience long delays accessing your funds?
  • Was Plus500 support unable to resolve an issue with your account?

If your answer is YES to any one of these questions or you have another complaint about Plus500, we want to hear from you. You may be entitled to claim your money back if you had an account and lost money with Plus500 at any time since 2011. To see if you are able to make a claim through our fully funded NO WIN NO FEE class action, please complete the form.


What you should know

There are many ways that an unsuspecting investor can be drawn into an inappropriate trading situation. Plus500 engaged in an intensive advertising campaign aimed at delivering misinformation to new clients, exaggerating the size and reputation of its platform, publishing fake testimonials boosting the company and paying affiliate marketers to create websites with fake reviews.

The company even sponsored Atlético Madrid to gain reputation by association from a commendable organisation that holds the respect of countless fans worldwide. Investors should not blame themselves for being deceived by the deliberate, cynical and misleading marketing of an unscrupulous broker.
Novice investors are deliberately targeted to ensure that the individual is unaware of normal practice in the markets and therefore will not challenge the unreliable broker when using the platform results in losses.



How We Can Help

Giambrone (Europe) LLP has helped hundreds of clients retrieve their money from untrustworthy brokers. One of the most effective ways to recover money lost is by means of a group action, which makes it clear to the courts that the broker has violated the law time and time again. This is demonstrated by the large number of individuals who tell the same story of manipulation and loss.

The group action against Plus500 is fully funded so there is NO UPFRONT COST to you and it is conducted on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, so it holds no risk for the participants. On successful recovery, our fee will be a fixed percentage of the amount recovered.


Step 1

Fill out the registration form and provide current contact details so we can follow up with you. We will keep you updated on the status of the group action on a regular basis.

Step 2

We will send further instructions to the email address you provided. You will need to complete and sign a form to join the Claimants Association. This will provide Power of Attorney to the Claimants Association, enabling your claim to be incorporated into the group action and authorising lawyers to act on your behalf.

Step 3

Provide further information about your claim, including documentation of your loss, your previous trading experience, if any, any accusations of scalping or market abuse levelled by Plus500 and any individual unfairness claims.


Our Commitment

We are experienced in conducting group actions related to banking and financial investor fraud and familiar with dealing with the complexities that managing this particular type of matter can bring. We will keep you informed at each stage of the process and provide practical advice on costs and liability should any aspect of the matter change.