Insights and Information on Financial Frauds and Scams

Giambrone & Partners has a notable reputation for the successful recovery of funds lost to financial fraud. The banking and financial fraud team, led by Joanna Bailey, has a range of strategies, developed over time, to assist our clients to recover their money.

Lawyers Joanna Bailey and Demetri BezaintesThe perpetrators of financial scams are devious and well-practiced at concealing both themselves and the money gained from their fraudulent schemes.
Many people caught up in such schemes have little understanding of the lengthy procedures involved in the attempts to hold the fraudsters to account.
Meet our Commercial and Financial Services Litigation Department Experts: Joanna Bailey and Demetri Bezaintes
If you have been a victim of Forex fraud or any other scam issues and would like to know more about recovering your money please contact our Forex experts.




The articles below provide some useful information:

Beware of Investment Fraud - How to identify a potential fraud

Investment fraud involving Forex trading is one of the most frequent areas of financial fraud recognised and continues to rise.  Whilst the fraudsters continually adapt to current situations and perceived opportunities there are a number of consistent...

The Relentless rise of Investment and Financial Fraud

Investment frauds have risen considerably during the pandemic. Fraudsters arise and target vulnerable people in every challenging economic setting that arises on the global stage. The well-trodden road of reeling in novice investors by...

Celebrity endorsement by Katie Price inadvertently promotes a Forex Scam to her followers

The risks of trusting a recommendation of a celebrity regarding investment opportunities has been highlighted yet again by the Daily Mail and the Sun revealing that a fraudulent Forex trader allegedly called Josh Chandler paid Katie Price to promote a scam...

Online Safety Bill overlooks paid for advertising that promotes investment fraud

Investment scams are almost exclusively pitched online to unwary inexperienced victims, frequently in the form of advertising, although the victim may not recognise the “too good to be true” investment opportunity as a paid-for advertisement. ...

Giambrone & Partners re-gain £272,000 for a client duped in a complex Cryptocurrency Scam using the Chargeback Procedure

The lawyers in Giambrone & Partners banking and financial fraud litigation team have successfully obtained £272,000 by means of the chargeback procedure for our client who was caught by a cryptocurrency fraud. Giambrone has now retrieved the entire...
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