The advantages of Italian dual citizenship

Many people, during adulthood, recognise that they are potential candidates for Italian/UK dual citizenship. Often, this is because of newly discovered Italian ancestry from earlier generations. Also, many people have married an Italian citizen. Holding two passports is an attractive and exciting proposition and opens up a whole world of opportunity.

If you have the required documentation to qualify for Italian/UK dual citizenship, this guide will outline the advantages of being a dual Italian/UK citizen.

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What is dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship means that a person is legally a citizen of two countries simultaneously. The reasons for this can be because they were born in one country while their parents are foreign nationals of another, or because they have ancestry in the second country. In other cases, they may have married a citizen of another country.

You can find out how to qualify for Italian dual citizenship here.

Benefits of Italian/UK dual citizenship

If you are a UK citizen who may qualify for Italian dual citizenship, there are considerable advantages that can be life-changing.

Property ownership

If you’re looking to split your time between the UK and Italy, you may want to purchase property in Italy rather than rent. There are beautiful houses and apartments available at competitive prices all over Italy, and as an Italian citizen means your ability to buy a property there is far more assured.

With regard to property purchase in Italy, it is always recommended to be advised by expert Italian real estate lawyers who will steer you away from the common pitfalls. The lawyers at Giambrone & Partners have many years of experience in dealing with Italian real estate and will be able to provide you with advice on various aspects of your purchase, some of which may help you reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable in the future.

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Italian/UK dual citizenship will make travelling in Italy much easier. It means that you can come and go, have the ability to reside indefinitely in Italy and in any other EU member state, without any legal worries. You will also be able to accept work more easily in other EU member state.


The Italian education system is amongst one of the best in the world and university fees are affordable, with fees at public universities costing on average  1,000 Euros or less per year than UK universities.  Meaning you could enjoy a good quality education for yourself and your children in one of the most cultured and beautiful countries.


While every country seems to be tightening its economic belt, Italy has exceptional job prospects for fluent English speakers. If you’re looking for employment in their flourishing tourism sector, work in design and development and more, these are sectors actively searching for employees. Being an Italian citizen may make you more attractive to Italian employers, as there is far less paperwork and costs involved when you apply for jobs.


You will be able to take part in the democratic process in both countries, meaning you’ll have your say in how Italy grows and changes. Use your vote, and get involved in your new country’s politics – it’s a real privilege.


As an Italian citizen, your citizenship will automatically transfer to any children you have who are under eighteen. This means that they will also enjoy all the benefits of being a dual Italian/UK citizen.

Other considerations regarding Italian/UK dual citizenship.

Length of process

Obtaining dual citizenship in any country is not an overnight process and there is a significant amount of documentation that must be assembled. You then have to apply for your Italian passport. The whole process can take some time to complete. 

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The UK has a double taxation treaty with Italy effective from 1991 to protect you from paying taxes twice on your income. However, you will want to make sure you have all your documentation in order as a precautionary measure if you’re self-employed or changing jobs. 

Carrying two passports

When travelling, you will need to remember to carry both your passports, as you will want to show your Italian passport in Italy. 

Government employment

Employment in a government position, may not be possible as often such employment is only available to nationals of the country. This is not the case for every government job and you will be advised, on application, as to whether you can be considered.


There is no doubt that there is an overarching benefit to holding dual nationality with Italy, opening up a world of opportunity as a dual UK and EU citizen.

Next steps

If you are ready to start to take the next steps of your journey to dual citizenship, below is a guide:

1. If your parent or parents are of Italian descent, ensure you have their birth certificates. If you have evidence of a connection to earlier generations of people born in Italy, ensure you have the following documents ready: death certificates or marriage certificates issued in Italy, Italian naturalisation certificates issued to relatives; or your own personal civil records

2. You will also need documentary proof of your address and your own passport and birth certificate.  If you are qualifying for Italian dual citizenship through marriage to an Italian citizen, you will need to provide a marriage certificate.

3. Fees are chargeable at various stages

4. Check with your local consulate and access the forms you will have to complete.

5. Have your documents verified.

6. You will need to visit the consulate and apply for your passport.

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You can read more about applying for Italian dual citizenship here.

You may need specialist advice

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