What should you look for in a personal injury lawyer? The benefits of choosing an international multi-lingual law firm

Spain has remained one of the most popular holiday destinations for British nationals. In 2022, an estimated 16.5 million trips were made by UK residents to Spain. As Spain also has a significant British ex-pat population, there is always a risk of an accident occurring whilst on holiday; such as falls from balconies or road traffic accidents. If this happens, and you suffer an accident that was not your fault, the services of a personal injury lawyer, who understands both Spanish and England & Wales law can assist you.

In this guide, we will look at the factors you should consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer, and how Giambrone & Partners can help.

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What should you take into account before making a Spanish personal injury claim?

In Spain, compensation is determined on a points system; the number of days incapacitated plus any financial losses. You should consider certain relevant factors that will support a claim.

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Is there sufficient evidence?

Following an accident, you must make every effort to gather as much evidence as possible. To make a personal injury or medical negligence claim, detailed medical evidence on any injuries will be required and the date and time of the incident.

Photographic evidence can be vital to support your personal injury claim and can be used by your Spanish lawyer when seeking compensation.

Other types of evidence that is relevant to your claim may include any additional expenses, such as medical, travel, and/or childcare costs. The additional expenses will be evaluated and added to the claim

Find out more about the accident abroad claim process here.

Were there any witnesses?

Make sure all the details of any parties who were involved or observed the event are acquired and obtain their permission to contact them as a witness to support your claim for compensation.

At Giambrone & Partners, we are highly experienced in collaboration with specialists and expert witnesses, and can assist foreign nationals with Spanish personal injury claims. To discuss your circumstances, call us on 0207 183 9482, or browse our personal injury services.

Was another party at fault?

If an accident occurs, there is a possibility there may have been fault by an organisation or a person who is liable to pay compensation. For example:

Spanish personal injury case study:

In a shower block, our client, Miss A stepped out of the cubicle onto a wet floor that was in the process of being cleaned, whereupon she slipped on the wet floor and fell and broke her back.

There was no warning about the floor cleaning, and Giambrone & Partners personal injury lawyers negotiated a substantial amount of compensation.

Giambrone & Partners has an extensive expertise and a history of successfully acquiring significant compensation for our clients in personal injury cases, frequently in Spain. Our team of multi-lingual lawyers can guide and advise individuals with personal injury claims

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When did the accident occur?

In accordance with Limitation Act 1980, the claim must be made within three years from the date of the accident in England & Wales, and one year if the matter is to be pursued in Spain.

When reporting a personal injury in Spain, you should seek legal advice from experienced personal injury lawyers. Giambrone & Partners’ team of international lawyers are multi-jurisdictional, and can support you through a personal injury claim conducted in Spain or England & Wales

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What qualities should you look for in a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer will act on your behalf and prioritise your benefit throughout the process. There are certain features of a personal injury lawyer to look out for:

Conditional Fee agreements

A conditional fee agreement, or “no win, no fee”, is a service that certain personal injury lawyers may provide. It is a contingency agreement where the lawyer receives a fee only in successful cases. However, it should be noted that this service is not an automatic provision and will only be extended if the evidence is valid and strong with adequate witness evidence to support the claim.

Giambrone & Partners, in certain circumstances, may extend a conditional fee agreement based on the merits of the case following thorough due diligence for our international personal injury services.

Find out more about the accident abroad claim process.

Understand international law and speak different languages

Making a personal injury claim in Spain can be difficult if you do not understand Spanish or Spanish law. Hiring an international and multi-lingual lawyer can help remove the risk of miscommunication when making a personal injury claim.

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Our personal injury lawyers operate in various jurisdictions, including Spain, Portugal, and Italy. We provide legal advice and representation for cross-border disputes delivered in the client’s language.

If you are seeking legal advice when making a personal injury claim in Spain, speak to a lawyer within Giambrone & Partners team today.

Experience with successful personal injury claims

It is helpful to instruct an international law firm that has a proven track record of successful personal injury claims.

Giambrone & Partners’ Spanish lawyers specialise in personal injury claims and seeking compensation against the at-fault third party. Our clients can access personal injury legal services through our UK offices and, in conjunction with our Spanish offices, we can accumulate various resources to provide legal advice.

If you are intending to pursue a Spanish personal injury claim through the courts or by means of negotiation, contact Giambrone & Partners to find out your next step.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal injury multi-lingual lawyer?

Hiring international lawyers can be beneficial for your personal injury claim in Spain. Certain law firms can gather evidence on your behalf to support your claim and help present a case if the claim went to court. At Giambrone & Partners, our personal injury team can reconstruct the accident scene to provide further evidence on who is responsible, and to help calculate the amount of compensation.

As we operate extensively particularly in Europe, our personal injury lawyers have knowledge of international law. All communication will be in your language for your convenience and the purposes of clarity and to avoid the risk of miscommunication.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of accidents in Spain can you claim for?

Common accidents in Spain range from road traffic accidents to accidents in hotels on balconies, swimming pools, and defective stair cases.

If an accident occurs, make sure to seek legal advice immediately. Find out more about Spanish personal injury claims here.

Giambrone & Partners, can assist in personal injury claims by obtaining local standard reports and quantum reports to support your claim and assess the compensation due, where appropriate.

Contact our personal injury lawyers today.

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