Spanish Personal Injury Lawyers

Every year a number of people visiting Spain on holiday or working in Spain suffer injuries from traffic accidents in Barcelona or skiing accidents on the slopes of Sierra Navada or accidents in Costa Blanca hotels on balconies and by swimming pools as well as many other types of accident due to carelessness or negligence.  

An accident abroad which leaves you injured in a foreign country, where may not speak the language, can be a frightening experience.  Giambrone’s experienced Spanish lawyers understand how you feel and will know how best to assist you and stay by your side during your distressing experience.  We can speak to you in your language and keep you fully informed.  You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries to help you with your medical and rehabilitation costs.  Giambrone has offices in Spain and in the UK so it is far easier to manage your claim. 

Giambrone’s lawyers in Spain have extensive experience in personal injury cases and have successfully obtained thousands of pounds in compensation for our injured clients in Spain.  Our multi-lingual lawyers in Spain will fight tenaciously on your behalf and obtain the best possible settlement for your claim.  We will keep you fully informed about the progress of your case and take the best approach to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Case Study

Our client, Miss A,  had just embarked on a camping and hostel holiday and whilst in the shower block she stepped out of the cubicle on to a wet floor that was in the process of being cleaned whereupon she slipped on the wet floor and fell and broke her back.  There was no prior warning of the floor cleaning.  Giambrone negotiated a substantial amount of compensation for this lady reflecting her injury, ruined holiday, inability to work and need for medical care and rehabilitation.

Case Study

Mr. W, our client was on holiday with his family and whilst on the ski-slope he was struck by a drunken skier with such force that he suffered life-changing injuries. After an arduous battle with an insurance company Giambrone was successfully able to obtain compensation amounting to several million pounds for our client.