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The Spanish property market is a popular choice with UK buyers, with around 800,000 British nationals estimated to be own a home in Spain. When selling a Spanish property, it is important to have all the necessary documents in place. This is important as it allows you to prove to a prospective buyer that the property is in the correct legal condition. Knowing what you need to prepare and the steps you need to take will help to avoid potential problems further down the line.

Here, we explain the steps you will need to take to sell Spanish property and the benefits of working with an English-speaking law firm in Spain. We also address common concerns around selling a property in Spain.

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Should you find an estate agent to sell a property?

An estate agent can assist with everything from helping you to sell your property at a good price to taking care of timely tasks such as showing a potential buyer around the property.

There are many benefits to finding English-speaking estate agents, as they will be able to provide you with useful knowledge of the local property market. They will also likely have lots of prior experience of working with UK sellers. Additionally, an English-speaking real estate agent will also help the process to run quickly and smoothly and can take on responsibilities such as advertising your property.

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How do you advertise a Spanish property?

When advertising your property, you may choose to post your property on a property advertising website yourself, or your real estate agent may play a big part in this role.

If the asking price of your house is in line with market reality, you are likely to sell it quickly, but if it is not in demand or is not attractive enough, you may need to hire the services of real estate experts. Reliable estate agents with a positive reputation will play an invaluable part in ensuring your house price is suitable for the market.

Making your house look attractive is a huge priority when it comes to selling Spanish property as quickly as possible. Ensure your house listing highlights the key selling points of your property, and ensure your property is posted on a professional, credible website.

Do you need a solicitor to sell a property in Spain?

It is highly advised to have a solicitor that will guide you in the sale procedure and will ensure that all legalities are in place. A solicitor can also provide you with invaluable legal advice and oversee the legal and administrative aspects of the sale. By working with a solicitor, you will also have someone on hand for guidance to protect your best interests and answer any questions you may have about Spanish law.

We recommend choosing an English-speaking, multilingual solicitor who will clearly advise you on how the property laws in Spain may differ from those in Britain.

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What documents will need to be prepared?

Here are the documents you and your solicitor will need to prepare to ensure the process goes smoothly:

  • • The property’s title deeds
  • • Copies of utility bills
  • • Receipts for local municipal tax (IBI) paid for the property
  • • Your residency card (if applicable)
  • • An inventory of furniture and other fixtures which will be included in the sale
  • • Details of any relevant community statutes.

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Agreeing on a notary with the buyer

In Spain, el notario plays a crucial role when it comes to selling Spanish property. They play an important role in managing the paperwork, taxes and registering the sale with the Land Registry. The el notario also ensures your property is sold according to the law.

The process of agreeing on a notary with a buyer begins after you have accepted an offer. There are around 3,000 notaries in Spain, and they all charge the same standard rate.

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How long does it take to sell property in Spain?

It is estimated that selling property in Spain can take around six months on average. However, the time it takes to sell a property in Spain can vary depending on numerous factors. This can include whether your property is located in a busy area that is in high demand and the demand for the type of property you are selling. Other factors include whether your property is on sale for a competitive price and whether your property listing stands out in the market. Whether your chosen location is popular for tourism is also a key factor to consider.

Other things that may lengthen the time it takes to sell your property include whether an issue arises with the property, such as damages or a need for maintenance which may cause a property price to be renegotiated.

Working with a Spanish lawyer who is highly experienced in Spanish real estate can help to speed up the process of selling a property, helping you to avoid potential pitfalls. Contact us today to find out more.

What is a Spanish notary, and why do you need to choose one?

In Spain, el notario plays a crucial role in managing the paperwork, taxes and registering the sale with the Land Registry. They play a neutral role in the transaction and are there to make sure everything is done according to the letter of the law.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you’ll need to agree on a notary with the buyer. There are around 3,000 notaries in Spain and they all charge the same standard rate.

How Giambrone & Partners can help

Real estate is always regarded as a good investment and there is a high level of British investment in Spain. Similarly, for those who wish to invest in commercial or residential property, there is a wealth of opportunity in Spain. Giambrone & Partners’ Spanish abogado's can assist in a wide range of property transactions. Whether you are planning on buying a holiday home or investment property or if you wish to sell a property you have inherited, Giambrone & Partners’ Spanish Abogados will guide you through the entire process. All of our Spanish lawyers are fluent in English and will be able to answer any questions you have about selling Spanish property.

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