Using a Spanish real estate lawyer when investing in property The benefits of choosing a multilingual law firm

If you have made the decision to pursue your dream of buying a property in Spain - we advise retaining the services of an experienced English-speaking Spanish real estate lawyer to guide you and ensure that any errors are eliminated. Investing in Spanish real estate is an exciting process, and seeking legal advice from the onset is a wise option.

Here, we discuss the benefits of using an English and Spanish-speaking real estate lawyer to assist you in investing in Spanish real estate. We also explain the importance of choosing an independent Spanish real estate lawyer.

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The benefits of working with a real estate lawyer when buying a Spanish property.

The options between an independent Spanish real estate lawyer or one associated with an estate agent.

Why it is important to work with a law firm with Spanish legal expertise and English-speaking lawyers.

Find out the benefits of having your Spanish property surveyed.

Find out how Giambrone & Partner’s real estate lawyers can assist you in buying a property.

Common queries on investing in Spanish real estate.

Why do you need legal advice when buying a property in Spain?

There are many benefits in investing in Spanish real estate, from low-interest rates to potential financial returns with rental properties. . Read our complete guide to the benefits of investing in Spanish real estate here.

Buying real estate is usually the largest investment for most individuals. When buying abroad it is advisable to seek advice from a property lawyer in Spain in order to avoid problems in the future. The assistance of a lawyer ensures that the process is carried out effectively from the very beginning and any legal issues that arise are dealt with correctly, which minimises the risk of problems occurring in the future.

It is highly likely that there are many aspects of Spanish law that you may be unaware of. The Spanish property conveyancing system is different to the system in England and Wales, so you should ensure that those involved in the transaction have the necessary knowledge and experience to manage the purchase correctly.

Reputable independent Spanish lawyers will also be able to advise you on your responsibilities with regard to tax and can assist with your annual returns. At Giambrone & Partners, many of our clients appoint us as their fiscal representatives, allowing us to deal with tax matters on their behalf and ensure everything is in order. You can find out more about this here.

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Why is it important to choose an independent lawyer?

It is recommended to appoint a law firm that has no affiliation with the estate agent that introduced you to the property. This can help you to avoid a situation where, should a problem arise, the lawyers may be inclined to protect the estate agents’ interests rather than yours as the estate agents provide a regular source of clients. Finding an independent Spanish real estate lawyer will ensure your money and best interests are protected.

Are you looking for an independent Spanish real estate lawyer to assist you? Contact Giambrone & Partners today.

Why should you seek legal advice before making any payments?

Once you have found a house you would like to buy, a reservation contract Contrato de Reserva can be drafted and signed. A deposit will be required to hold the property for you.

Your lawyer will establish that the details property match the information registered at the land registry, that the seller is the registered owner and that there are no debts or other financial liabilities against the property. Your lawyer will also ensure that there are no infringements of any planning laws resulting in legal proceedings.

What is the importance of finding a law firm with English and Spanish-speaking lawyers?

Whilst many people have learned to speak Spanish due to the fact that they enjoy holidays in Spain, there is a considerable difference in the level of Spanish you may require to fully understand legal documents associated with the purchase of a property. Additionally, your English/Spanish-speaking lawyer can explain the difference between the UK and the Spanish property system. Giambrone’s Spanish real estate team can provide you with all the support you may require.

Read more about working with a multilingual law firm here.

Is a survey of the property required when investing in Spanish real estate?

It is recommended that you obtain a survey when buying a property in Spain. A property survey will review the condition of the structures and will highlight any important problems that could affect the property value. This will reduce the chance of discovering any potential defects or unwanted surprises about the property in the future and ensure the safety and suitability of the property you are investing in. Additionally, any issues that come to light in the survey can be highlighted to the vendor and a variation in the purchase price or remedial work can be negotiated.

Find out how our lawyers can help you in the Spanish conveyancing process here.

Giambrone & Partners real estate lawyers

Our real estate lawyers in Spain are experts in managing real estate transactions and can take care of all aspects of house purchase in Spain, managing the entire process for you.

Our services include assisting with:

  • Land registry search
  • Building Permission check
  • Obtaining present owner’s utilities statements
  • Local Searches
  • Property Survey
  • Drafting the contract
  • NIE Certificate
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • Open a Spanish bank account
  • Organise Utility Accounts
  • Completion Statement
  • Assist with mortgage.

Giambrone’s Spanish lawyers will make every effort to ensure that you have the best and least stressful experience when buying a property in Spain.

Contact us today for guidance on how we can assist.

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy a Spanish property with a UK mortgage?

It is not possible to apply a UK mortgage to the purchase of Spanish property. Our lawyers can guide you on the process of getting a Spanish mortgage, contact us today for assistance.

Is a Spanish notary different to a lawyer?

A Spanish notary certifies and verifies the legitimacy of the documents in the public domain. A lawyer deals with documents that a related to a client’s personal affairs and also can represent a client in court.

Is it better to buy or rent in Spain?

For those looking to remain in Spain long-term, buying a property will feel more secure and you enjoy developing your own home. Buying property in Spain can also be a good investment.

Do you need a Spanish bank account to buy a property?

It is prudent to open a Spanish bank account to purchase property in Spain.

Can you get a Spanish mortgage with bad credit?

A poor credit rating will make obtaining a mortgage more difficult, and more so for non-residents. However, it may be possible.

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