Legal Notices

Giambrone International (Giambrone) is a global law firm which operates through a number of professional firms and constituent entities (the Member Firms) located throughout the world to provide legal and other client related professional services.

Giambrone provides client services worldwide through its member firms and affiliates, including Giambrone & Partners LLP, Giambrone & Partners Studio Legale Associato, Giambrone & Partners Sociedad Limitada Profesional and their subsidiaries and affiliates.

The terms "Giambrone" or the "firm" refer to one or more Legal Practices. Details of the different Giambrone entities that provide legal services or other services to clients in respect of each country in which Giambrone carries on business can be found below.

The Member Firms are constituted and regulated in accordance with relevant local regulatory and legal requirements. The use of the name Giambrone is for description purposes only and does not imply that the Member Firms are in a partnership or are part of a LLP. The responsibility for the provision of services to the client is defined in the terms of engagement between the Member Firm and the client.

Each of Giambrone's member firms are separate and legally distinct entities, and no such entity has any authority to bind any other. Each member firm is liable only for its own acts or omissions and not those of each other. No member firm has any authority to obligate or bind any other member firm vis-à-vis third parties. Absent the explicit agreement and consent of both entities involved, no Giambrone entity is responsible for the acts or omissions of, nor has any authority to obligate or otherwise bind, any other Giambrone entity.

In accordance with the common terminology used in professional services organizations, references to "partner" or "principal" means a person who is a partner, or principal or equivalent in a Member Firm, and reference to an "office" means an office of any such Member Firm or special alliance within the international legal practice.

In order to avoid any confusion, the entity with which clients have a contractual relationship will be clear from the letter of engagement that each client is required to agree to before instructions are accepted.

Location-specific legal notices

England & Wales