Justice is the same in any Language, unravelling the Truth about Unexplained Fatal Incident Abroad

The holiday season is progressing and for most people is it pleasant and uneventful time enjoying a new experience in a foreign country.  For some families, it becomes a time of tragedy and loss.  There can be few things more upsetting than to be informed that a loved has died suddenly overseas, the situation is made considerably worse if there are unanswered questions regarding the circumstances.  The vast majority of people can accept that an accident has befallen their relative but if suspicious circumstances are suspected the search for justice is often met with obstruction and confusion.  The criminal lawyers at Giambrone have extensive cross-border experience in multiple jurisdictions dealing with such difficult situations and can assist and advise families who are facing an uphill battle to get answers to their questions.

Case study

Giambrone’s criminal team in Italy and the UK are assisting a family whose loved one was alleged to have had an accident falling a considerable height from a wall beside a pathway, resulting in his death.  Initially, this scenario was accepted by the family but when more information was received questions were raised about the incident.  Giambrone’s lawyers sought the advice of an expert witness which made it clear that the initial explanation was unlikely to be the truth.  Unfortunately, a considerable amount of evidence was lost due to the family’s initial acceptance of the suggestion that the death was caused by an accident.

Our criminal lawyers have persuaded the powers that be to re-visit the initial explanation and continue to apply unrelenting pressure on the appropriate authorities.

One of the major problems is often the language barrier as well as the differences in legal procedures in a foreign country.  Often family members or friends who are trying to understand exactly what happened find that they are facing a brick wall at every turn; documents, when they eventually arrive, are in a foreign language, expert witnesses are needed to support an alternative theory in relation to the death and the Authorities of the country are often in a hurry to close down any investigation which they believe may harm the tourist trade.  Giambrone’s criminal lawyers have the tenacity, the legal skills and the language skills to break down the barriers, ask the difficult questions and source the correct expert witnesses to support our clients’ hypothesis as to how their relative met their end. 

Giambrone’s criminal team have wide experience of dealing with obstructive behaviour and our lawyers have the dogged persistence to continue to investigate every avenue to the truth.  We have offices in the UK and in Spain, Italy, Germany, Sardinia and Tunisia.  All our lawyers speak English as well as Italian, Spanish, German and Arabic. Our criminal lawyers' language skills mean that they will be able to respond immediately to all documentation received that is connected to your matter.  Crucially they will be able to explain the implications of each stage and advise on the best response.   Another key factor which cannot be overstated is the importance of collecting evidence as soon as possible, ideally within the first 48 hours of the event. The difficulty is that initially you may not realise the significance of the situation that is in front of you.  Giambrone’s criminal lawyers strongly recommend that in the event of a serious incident the family and friends of the victim should obtain all physical and verbal evidence that is available. There can be no harm If it transpires that it is not needed.

Our criminal lawyers will be by your side every step of your challenging journey

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