Joint Ventures

A joint venture allows multiple organisations to work together in order to either share the risk and expertise in relation to the business, enter new markets or industries or take on larger projects. However, these ventures can also give rise to various legal issues for those parties involved, and there is a range of hazards that need to be circumvented.

Our specialist lawyers understand that is it not just legal advice that is important for these types of business structure, but it is also essential to understand the relevant industry and market. We can help to bring together various parties with different strengths and qualities to achieve their common goals under the joint venture.

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What does a joint venture do?

Joint ventures can be highly productive and allow a business to react to changes in their relevant market or to achieve various business goals. They can be particularly useful for projects involving multiple jurisdictions, offering local insights into unfamiliar countries.

Joint ventures are not specifically regulated by law, and so it is necessary to make sure that a joint venture agreement covers and legally protects these ventures. It is possible to form a new company for the joint venture or to work together on a set project for a specific period of time under a contract.

With years of experience, the corporate and commercial team at Giambrone support clients throughout the entire legal process and provide tailored legal advice to help you achieve your business goals.

How can Giambrone help?

Our lawyers can assist businesses with all legal matters related to a joint venture, including:

  • The due diligence that needs to be performed before entering the venture
  • Governance and operations
  • Company and partnership law
  • Tax efficiencies and relevant legislation
  • Intellectual property law
  • Competition law
  • International joint ventures
  • Restructuring for joint ventures
  • Transfers and exits

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