Environmental Law & Energy

The growing demand of new opportunity in the environmental segment requires a deep knowledge of the legal and commercial aspect related with this complex and fast-changing sector.

Giambrone’s Environmental & Energy section provides legal support for companies and investors with strategic and innovative advice in all areas of environmental law and energy.

The understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape is crucial for companies and corporations that must be guided through local legal, fiscal terms, regulatory policies, difficult financial markets and political risk, to help inform business decisions. Integrating environmental management into their business strategy and policies is vital and need to be successfully handled.

Corporate social responsibility has a significant impact in the modern society and Giambrone has significant involvement with business issues related to it.

Environmental litigation, defence of environmental prosecutions, real estate and lender transactions are all areas perfectly managed by our team. We have worked with clients in different sector of the industry, including  coal, wind, hydro, geothermal and solar.

Our lawyers have helped companies to find commercial legal solutions in the natural resources sector, energy and waste management sectors, recycling, waste diversion and recovery, and transportation of dangerous goods, utilities, various levels of government and quasi-governmental agencies and other organisations.

Our environmental and energy services, include advising on:

  • arbitration and dispute resolution
  • compliance and regulatory advice 
  • climate change and clean technology
  • infrastructure and project development and finance 
  • infrastructure and transportation
  • international trade  
  • legal and regulatory matters
  • lender liability, insolvency and associated environmental risks
  • licences, approvals, permits and compliance issues
  • litigation and enforcement 
  • occupational health and safety policies and procedures project financing
  • power projects and power purchase agreements and other transaction agreements
  • renewable energy

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