Art, Fashion and Luxury Assets

Giambrone’s Art, Fashion and Luxury Assets Lawyers advises individuals, high net worth and institutional collectors, art and antique dealers and fashion houses on art and fashion law issues.


We advise clients sell and purchase items for their collections, lend artworks to internationally acclaimed exhibitions, in the same way that lawyers can help their clients to buy a new home, our role as specialist art and fashion lawyers when buying or selling luxury assets such as art, wine or cars is to ensure that the piece of art is genuine it is and that good title is transferred.

From drafting the sales agreements to conducting deep due diligence into artworks, we want to make sure you get the most from your gallery. We can advise you on the most suitable deal structure and talk you through the risks and rewards in each individual case. When disputes arise, we provide pragmatic and sensible advice to resolve such disputes between parties if, for example, an artwork has been misattributed and we also provide tax efficient solutions to holding art collection.


Our Milan office is located right by the “Quadrilatero della Moda” in Milan and we have a flavour for advising the leading players in the Italian fashion industry.
Giambrone’s lawyers in the Art, Fashion and Luxury Assets team have a common characteristic in their deep knowledge of the field and of the companies related to fashion, design and luxury. We advise across the retail and the consumer goods and services sector from the high street to the world of luxury, and our clients range from the world's most famous brands, through to small independents, entrepreneurial start-ups and retail developers and operators.

Giambrone has a stellar multidisciplinary team of specialist lawyers in corporate and commercial, intellectual property, advertising, consumer, real estate, tax, employment, litigation, administrative and e-commerce law, among others.

In addition, we help our clients to maximise the value of their assets – whether this is their brand, their tangible property, their people or their reputation, as well as ensuring that those assets are protected. 

Collection Cars, Luxury assets and Yachts

We advise collectors, auction houses and dealers on a range of commercial issues affecting classic cars and, if those issues turn into disputes, we are well placed to understand the peculiarities of the car trade and the difficulties that it throws up, particularly when it comes to title, botched restorations and breaches of contract. As well as advising on wine and classic cars we help clients purchase and sell yachts, musical instruments, jewellery and watches

Our services include:

  • Art finance; such as art as collateral for loans
  • Finance and security; including art investment structures, art funds and art insurance
  • Dispute resolution; including authenticity, endangered species, fraud, governing law, illegal export, ownership, valuation, professional negligence, provenance, restitution and spoliation claims and stolen and looted art
  • Intellectual property rights; including copyright (appropriation art, infringement, fair dealing, parody), trade marks and passing off (infringement, registered design), moral rights 
  • Commercial agreements; such as art loan and custody arrangements, auction house terms and conditions, negotiation of public access and transactions such as acquisition and disposals
  • Tax and VAT; including Capital gains and inheritance tax, heritage tax incentives (acceptances in lieu and douceurs) and structures for holding collections
  • Art import and export; including obtaining a licence
  • Corporate strategy and investment
  • Regulatory and compliance