Commercial Property Disputes

Any company that owns, rents or leases property as part of their business is at risk of encountering an issue or dispute at some stage. Commerical property disputes can be complicated with expensive assets at stake, therefore at the first sign of a problem, expert legal advice should be sought. The issue must be handled quickly and effectively to prevent unnecessary costs, stress, as well as the negative impact it can have on business operations.

We understand the common issues faced by businesses in these situations and can guide clients to make sure they are protecting their interests properly. Where possible, we will advise clients on how to prepare their business before an issue arises in order to solve any potential disputes. If your business is dealing with a commercial property dispute, contact us today, complete the online enquiry form or email us at

Commercial landlord and tenant disputes

At Giambrone, our legal professionals can help landlords and tenants understand their rights and obligations to alterations, repairs, rent reviews and recovery, as well as service charge costs of a property.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and understand both the legal aspects as well as the practical and business issues that need to be considered in these cases. Our team will draw on their knowledge and experience to offer the most effective resolution for your property dispute, using both mediation methods as well as litigation where necessary.

In circumstances where the landlord is dealing with unlawful occupiers, we can also help with the recovery of the premise in addition to disputes relating to trespassing and adverse possession.


Various issues can arise when a landlord chooses to start, adapt, or terminate a lease with a tenant. At Giambrone, our lawyers can help with:

  • Termination of leases
  • Forfeiture claims
  • Exercising break options
  • Dilapidations claims and disrepairs
  • Change of use
  • Business lease renewals or surrenders (both contentious and non-contentious)

We strive to fully understand your business and position so that our advice is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We will always ensure that our clients are aware of all the possible options and will advise on the most appropriate one in their case to resolve the matter as quickly as possible without the need to use litigation.

Our specialist teams can advise on all real estate and commercial property law issues, bringing in experts from other departments where necessary. We will help clients resolve matters using non-contentious methods where possible, however, where this cannot be done, we are very experienced at dealing with complex court proceedings and will ensure that we protect our client’s best interests.

Contact our Commercial Property Disputes Lawyers in the UK

Our expert commercial property lawyers can advise and represent clients with all issues relating to commercial property disputes. We understand that a lot of business transactions now have a cross-border element. With offices in the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Tunisia and Morocco we are well-placed to provide legal guidance in such cases.

Our multi-lingual lawyers can assist clients in their own language, ensuring that the whole process is transparent and understandable. If you require further information or assistance, then please contact us via our online enquiry form or email us at