International Cross-Border Disputes

The globalisation of the business world has provided increased opportunities for many companies. However, it has also created a rising level of cross-border legal issues and complicated international disputes. These are particularly complex due to the differing legal, regulatory and financial issues together with political and cultural differences.

Our team of commercial litigation lawyers is well-placed to assist clients with these legal matters with offices in the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Tunisia; we use our knowledge of local law, procedures and relevant market conditions to best assist our clients. If your business is dealing with an international or cross-border dispute, contact us today. Complete the online enquiry form or email us at

Dealing with different jurisdictions

If you are being sued in another jurisdiction, it is essential to get advice from litigators that have the relevant experience and knowledge to assist with the specific intricacies relating to cross-border disputes. Giambrone & Partners can help with:

  • Issuing proceedings on behalf of clients in different jurisdictions
  • Liaising with lawyers and other agencies in relation to foreign proceedings
  • Enforcing judgments in different jurisdictions

Bringing a claim in another jurisdiction

We will advise our clients on the best jurisdiction to bring their claim depending on the relevant facts, as well as the choices of jurisdiction that are available in their case. We can discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of different jurisdictions and explain the law that will be used to determine the dispute.

Expert multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional lawyers

There can often be multiple proceedings being brought in different jurisdictions simultaneously. This can result in businesses needing to comply with a wide range of legalities at a national and international level.

Disputes that arise between businesses or organisations based in separate counties often involve complex issues governed by different legislation, and so require specialist legal assistance. Whether you are dealing with issues concerning banking and finance law, contract and commercial law, or international property law ., our lawyers are well-equipped to handle your case with efficiency and professionalism.

Types of international and cross-border disputes

At Giambrone, our lawyers can assist with all kinds of international and cross-border disputes, such as:

  • Cross-border debt recovery
  • Insurance claims
  • Manufacturing issues
  • Contractual disputes
  • Share purchase disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Technology and data protection
  • International supply chain issues

Litigation should always be seen as the last resort, and we will attempt to help resolve any issues via less contentious methods. These routes are typically cheaper and faster but can also result in an agreement in a less confrontational way. Inevitably there will be some situations where litigation is the only option and, in these cases, we have the experience to support and represent our clients throughout the process to achieve the best result possible.

Cross-border Dispute Lawyers in the UK

Any business or organisation facing a commercial dispute will need expert legal advice to ensure they understand the process and to obtain the best outcome. We know that a lot of business transactions now have a cross-border element and we are well placed to advise in these cases.

Our multi-lingual lawyers can assist clients in their own language, thus ensuring that the whole process is transparent and understandable. If you require further information or assistance, then please contact us via our online enquiry form or email us at