Child law deals with all matters relating to the welfare and protection of children. The welfare of children is paramount and will always be the top priority in any family legal case. It is important to make sure you have been given clear advice and guidance on the implications of any decisions and proceedings so that you know what to expect.

Issues that can arise include those concerning adoption and surrogacy, the arrangement for children following divorce or separation  – such as  child custody and contact provisions – as well as dealing with child relocation or even abduction where there is an international element to the family structure.

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Issues relating to divorce and separation

Ensuring a stable arrangement for children after divorce or separation will be one of the most important considerations for a separating couple. With a wealth of knowledge in these areas of law, our family lawyers can advise and represent you during the whole process.

Our multi-lingual lawyers work across a variety of jurisdictions, supporting clients facing multi-jurisdictional cases. Our practical and legal experience in this area means we can assist you with all issues that can arise, including:

  • Arrangements for custody of children
  • Contact for non-resident parents
  • Financial arrangements for the support of the children
  • Relocation issues for parents living in different countries.

These are all complicated issues and are dependent on the facts of each case. Custody arrangements will differ depending on the structure of the family unit and whether there is sole or joint custody of any children. Various factors will be considered, and the wishes of the children may also be taken into account, depending on their age and understanding of proceedings.

Abduction and taking children abroad

In cases of relationship breakdowns, the situation can arise when one parent takes a child to live with them in a new place without the consent of the other parent. It is essential to get legal advice as soon as you become aware of the possibility of this (preferably before it happens).

If a child is taken abroad without the consent of the other parent, the issue becomes even more complicated and time-critical. Our specialist international family law team  can advise you on your rights and options. We can make the relevant applications for you both at home and abroad to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.

Taking your child to live abroad

Similarly, if you wish to take your child abroad but the other parent does not consent to this, we can look at the options available to you. These cases are complex, emotional and time is always of the essence, but our family lawyers can assist you with all aspects of your case from start to finish.

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