When a couple’s relationship breaks down, and they are about to embark on the divorce procedure, it is understandable that they may feel upset and concerned about the future and the implications of the divorce. Each relationship is unique, and so advice must be tailored to your circumstances and needs to achieve the right outcome for your case. Our expert divorce lawyers understand that this is a difficult time and will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity.

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Cross-border divorce

In today’s world, where global travel is commonplace, it is increasingly common for couples to have different nationalities. It is also likely that couples may have got married outside their home country and spent extended periods living abroad. They might even own property and other assets abroad that add another layer of complexity to divorce proceedings.

Issues surrounding cross-border divorce

Numerous problems can arise from a cross-border divorce as they often involve additional legal aspects that a standard divorce would not. It is therefore crucial that those facing a cross-border divorce obtain specialist advice about the procedure to finalise their divorce and their rights.

Where can you file for divorce?

A separating couple cannot simply choose any country to file their divorce, however, there may be several legitimate options where divorce proceedings could take place. In order to fully understand the implications of a cross-border divorce, you must seek guidance from an expert international divorce lawyer. If the divorce is processed in the wrong jurisdiction, this can have far-reaching consequences, including those related to finances and children.

Support through divorce and separation

If your relationship has broken down, we can advise and support you through what we realise is a difficult and emotional time. Our specialist divorce lawyers will protect your interests and approach your case in a way that is tailored to your needs in order to get the best solution for your family. Different jurisdictions have different rules as to who is allowed to file for divorce there. This can have a significant impact on the outcome of your divorce, which is why it is always recommended to instruct a cross-border divorce lawyer who can ensure you apply in the right country.

There can be many complicated aspects of divorce proceedings, such as the division of finances and assets, particularly when there is a cross-border aspect. Our family law team can make sure that any agreement is fair and provides the financial security required for you and your family. Our firm has a wealth of experience helping clients that have complicated financial arrangements, including diverse sources of income.

Arrangements for children during divorce proceedings

Similarly, arrangements for any children  in the family can be a delicate topic requiring careful negotiation. Going through an international divorces will add an additional layer of complexity here, particularly when residence and contact with the children or any relocation issues are concerned.

Out of court arrangements for divorce

Divorce proceedings do not always need to be done via the courts, and parties are generally encouraged to complete the divorce process through mediation or other methods of alternative dispute resolution. These are typically more amicable, cheaper, faster and obtain a result that is accepted by both parties as fair.

The process and timescale of a divorce will also be impacted by whether or not there is a mutual agreement or whether the divorce is contested. This will generally affect the complexity and timescale of the whole process, and our team can discuss the implications of this with you.

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