Child Proceedings Lawyers in France

About divorce or separation, the court will decide which custody rights a parent can have This decision is taken in the best interest of the child. 

The two options related to Child Custody in France:

  • Legal custody: the right of one of the parents to decide upon the child’s education, property and general upbringing. Normally, parents will have joint custody.
  • Physical custody: where the child will reside,  the parents could have joint physical custody.

Regarding financial support for the child, it is often the parent with the larger income or financial assets who provides financial support for the child.

Our French lawyers can provide further information regarding child custody together with the legal responsibilities and obligations that parents must undertake following divorce.

French adoption law

An adoption can be appealed by married couples and also individuals.In France.  The adoption procedure consists of two steps: the first is an administrative procedure and the second is a  judicial procedure. 

Our lawyers can assist you with comprehensive information regarding family law in France.

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