French Personal Injury Lawyers

Giambrone & Partners are experienced in advising and managing personal injury claims in France for clients such as students, tourists, expatriate workers or foreign citizens.

We have many offices that operate throughout Europe and other countries.

Personal injuries could be caused by a range of issues, for example:​​

  • Car or road traffic accidents .
  • Negligence during hospital or medical treatments.
  • Sport or holiday accidents
  • An accident in a private or public place.
  • An accident at work.​

We can assist you with accidents that result in injuries such as :

  • Amputation, broken bones, fatal accidents.
  • Burns and scarring injuries,
  • Chronic pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
  • Psychological injuries such as PTSD and depression.
  • Brain injuries.
  • Spinal and back injuries.
  • Nerve damage.​

Our personal injury department strives to make your claims process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, while also ensuring that you receive the necessary care, early recovery and full compensation.

If you have sustained a serious injury which compromises your ability to work and lead your life as previously, our lawyers will make every effort to ensure that you received compensation commensurate with the level of injury you have suffered.  

How we can help 

If informal negotiations fail to find a resolution and the case goes to trial, we will advise you on the best option. We are aware of the methods and arguments used by insurance firms to attempt to minimise their losses. 

Expert medical  experience is required in the case of serious injuries. We can assist you with regard to obtaining a expert medication opinion.

We will assist you and your family in navigating this procedure, in what are frequently difficult circumstances, providing support and legal guidance.​

The Claims Process

  1. An initial consultation, at no cost to establish the situation, the accident, and how we can assist you.
  2. A discussion with the at-fault party's insurers to see if they can agree to cover early recovery and if they will admit responsibility.
  3. Request an early transitional payment to alleviate any financial stress and to cover medical and recovery costs as well as other expenses while the claim is being processed.
  4. If the other party rejects responsibility, we will collate the evidence, independent specialist medical specialist testimony and witness statements that will clarify the level of assistance you required immediately after the accident, as well as your future needs. 
  5. If your claim is successful, we will ensure that you receive the level of award you are entitled to.

Contact Us

If you require further information or advice from our team of specialist lawyers, please contact our Client Relations Team by:

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