French Debt Collection

Giambrone & Partners offers a full range of debt collection options for French and International debts, assisting both individuals and commercial organisations across the globe with the recovery of all types of debts.

Our French debt collection solicitors provide a wide range of services such as:  

  • Company searches
  • Confirmation of company trading address
  • Credit scoring
  • Issue of proceedings
  • Telephone collection
  • Letters before action
  • Personal visits
  • Enforcement
  • Bankruptcy & winding up service

Debt recovery is understood to mean the use of all legal, amicable and / or judicial means to obtain from a debtor the payment of the debt due to the creditor.

Experience has shown that it is necessary to act quickly to optimize the chances of recovery and, as soon as the unpaid debt is noted, pressure must be exerted on the debtor, who first involves binding amicable recovery measures and then a procedure of judicial recovery if the debtor is recalcitrant.

In every case, our french lawyers at Giambrone will examine the facts of the matter and give you pragmatic advice as to the best way to achieve recovery.  

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