Italian Succession Procedure

Giambrone's English speaking Italian succession lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex succession issues,  Keeping clients informed on a regular basis and always acting appropriately to administer a thorough and timely succession for our clients is key.

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What is involved in an Italian succession?

The Italian succession process can be confusing, especially if the client does not speak Italian or does not live in Italy.  Many families have second and third generation non-Italian speaking heirs and at a difficult time, potential clients deserve to know not only what to expect and also to know which would be best course of action to take. With this in mind Giambrone’s succession process is explained in simplified terms below:   

There are normally four stages to Giambrone’s succession procedure which can be divided as follows:

1. Due Diligence

  • Scrutinise all documents
  • Ascertain all entitled beneficiaries
  • Determine all assets of deceased

Is there a Will? Is the Will valid? Which country’s law is applicable?

2. Probate

  • Inheritance application
  • Tax application and payment

Funds are held securely by trustee/law firm ready to be released at the appropriate time.

3. Release Funds

If the client requires funds to be exchanged into a different currency other than the Euro, Giambrone will help the client find the best exchange rate.

4. Property Sale

If the beneficiaries wish Giambrone to assist with the sale of the deceased’s assets, we are able to do so without the necessity of any of the beneficiaries having to visit Italy, if that is preferred. This also applies when settling any bills attached to the assets, Giambrone can take the burden of settling outstanding inovices from the beneficiaries without the beneficiaries having to worry, making the whole process easier and less distressing.

Note: Mediation (if necessary)

Should there is a disagreement between beneficiaries then Giambrone can act as mediators to bring about an amicable resolution for all beneficiaries involved.

If the deceased had no land, property, nor bank account in Italy, the probate procedure can be simplified further. Italian law will not require executors to be appointed.

Other related services include:

  • The writing or updating of an Italian Will
  • Legal opinions
  • Power of Attorney

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