Corporate and Commercial Services

Giambrone & Partners is exceptionally active in multifaceted cross-border transactions, our lawyers have years of experience and are adept at dealing with complex non-contentious commercial transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, restructuring, procurement agreements, share purchase agreements and company set-up. 

We assist companies to modernise in highly regulated markets whilst managing their risk, to assist them in achieving their business objectives and enable them to keep pace in fast-moving markets.

Our multi-jurisdictional lawyers have vast experience in drafting bespoke contractual agreements to leverage the commercial advantage of intellectual property, marketable securities and licensing. As well as ring-fencing any risks. Their in-depth knowledge of a broad range of jurisdictions is matched by their cultural knowledge of the way to do business across widely differing markets enabling our legal teams to successfully facilitate cross-border business.

Our lawyers understand and focus on our clients’ commercial imperatives and recognise that cost-effectiveness is key to the commercial legal advice they deliver.

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