Setting up of a company in Portugal

Portugal is becoming increasingly attractive to Italian citizens and, in general, to the European Community, of any age. An economy in full bloom  in addition to the mild climate and a relaxed lifestyle.

Advantageous taxation

In fact, in recent years the Portuguese government has implemented numerous and effective investments, many of which are aimed at creating fertile ground for the start-up of entrepreneurial activities on its territory, including taxation that is certainly more advantageous than in other European countries , Including Italy. In order to encourage potential investors, the law of the Lusitanian country provides particular subtlety  in the setting up of companies. In particular, it is possible to establish certain types of companies through the 'Empresa na hora' web platform, which takes just one hour.

The procedure

At the time of incorporation of the company, it will be necessary to pay a very modest amount, just 360 euro. However, the payment for the  set-up of a company cannot be made through foreign channels and it will therefore be necessary to open an account in Portugal.

However, those who intend to venture into such projects will not be able to do so without the prudent advice of professionals in this sector. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Giambrone & Partners Law Firm which, after Italy, England, Scotland, Spain and Tunisia, has decided to expand its area of ​​activity also in Portugal, making use of the best experts in Lusitanian law.

For example, to set up a company in Portugal, a foreign citizen firstly needs the relevant residence permit, the D2 Portuguese permit, which allows the entrepreneur and his closest family members to move to Portugal and obtain the subsequent residence permit. It will therefore be necessary to contact the Portuguese Embassies or Consulates in Italy.

To this end, you can contact the Immigration Department of the Giambrone & Partners Law Firm. An accurate business plan and additional administrative documentation must also be presented to the Portuguese Embassies and Consulates in Italy. Once again, despite the streamlined administrative procedure necessary for setting up a company, the help of professionals in this sector appears necessary.