Assault is a general term that covers offences committed against a person with the use of unwanted physical violence or threat of violence against that person. If you have been accused of assault, you will be concerned about how this will impact your life and even your family.

Assault charges can range in severity with the most serious resulting in lengthy prison sentences and affecting all aspects of your life. It is essential that anyone facing assault charges makes sure that they get immediate local and specialist legal advice and representation to guide them through the whole process. If you have been charged with assault, or think you may be charged, contact us today, complete the online enquiry form or email us at

What is assault?

Assault covers a wide range of offences and the sentences that can result, therefore also vary greatly. The victim does not necessarily have to be a stranger, with domestic violence recognised as a crime in itself requiring extra protection and higher sentences. Domestic violence covers any form of physical, psychological, sexual or financial violence. It does not cover just partners but can include children within a familial setting.

Even the most straightforward of cases can involve complicated legal and practical issues. Instructing a specialist defence lawyer will ensure that your interests are protected. We can guide you through the legal procedure from start to finish, and always strive to get our clients the best result possible. Our expert and local knowledge of the law in Italy means not only can we assist you with the seriousness of the charge, but it may be possible for us to negotiate with the relevant authorities to avoid you needing to appear in court.

Assault allegations defence solicitors

We have a team of experienced multi-national lawyers at Giambrone that can represent our clients in Italy and guide foreign nationals facing assault charges through the whole case. We can speak to you in your own language to ensure you understand exactly what is happening.

Various defences can be relevant to an assault case, for example, self-defence. When you instruct Giambrone, one of our specialist lawyers can talk you through the most appropriate defence for your circumstances.

Often it is the smallest details in these cases that can change the outcome, which is why our specialist criminal lawyers will obtain all relevant evidence that can support your case. This can include witness statements, DNA and fingerprint evidence as well as CCTV and photographic evidence.

Assaults abroad

We can assist foreign nationals that have been assaulted and need advice on the law and how to proceed. We understand how difficult this can be, particularly when you are in a country that you do not speak the language. Our lawyers will talk you through the legal process and ensure you know what to expect. Our specialist team are sympathetic to the needs of the victim and will do everything in our power to protect your interests and rights throughout the case.

Contact our Assault Solicitors today

If you are facing an assault charge, you will probably be feeling very anxious and will have questions and concerns about what is going to happen. Our specialist criminal lawyers can advise and represent you throughout your whole case to ensure the best outcome in your circumstances.

We can assist clients that are facing assault charges in foreign countries by advising them in their own language and providing expert knowledge to get the best results for your case. If you require further information or assistance, please complete the online enquiry form or email us at