Robbery and Firearms Offences

Charges of robbery and/or firearm offences are incredibly serious with far-reaching consequences. It is vitally important that anyone accused of either of these charges arranges immediate legal advice and representation to guarantee the best outcome possible.

Our specialist criminal lawyers can represent you throughout the whole process of your charge. We understand that non-Italians facing robbery and firearm charges in Italy may find the process even more stressful and complicated. We have a range of offices throughout Europe as well as multi-lingual criminal lawyers that can talk to you in your own language and ensure that you understand what is happening. To discuss your case, get in touch with us today. Complete the online enquiry form or email us at


Robbery involves taking anything (or attempting to take it) with the use of force or threats of force that put the victim in fear. The use of threats of violence in these offences make them severe charges and the most serious of cases can result in lengthy terms of imprisonment.

Robberies can occur on the streets or within premises such as petrol stations and banks. Various factors will increase or decrease the severity of the charge, including:

  • Use of weapons
  • The extent of force used
  • If disguises were used
  • If a vulnerable person or child was involved
  • The value of the item taken
  • The role of the accused in the robbery
  • If it was premeditated or opportunistic

Robbery is a very serious charge and if you are facing such an allegation you need to get legal assistance right away. Our expert criminal lawyers can support you through this difficult time and advise you on your best options.

Firearms offences in Italy

There is no right to bear arms in Italy and, subsequently, there are strict laws surrounding ownership and use of firearms. Those wishing to own a firearm (either by purchasing or inheriting it) must have the relevant licence that has strict requirements including:

  • A genuine reason to own a firearm
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have completed the necessary criminal and mental health record checks as well as the required firearms training.

Any firearms need to be reported to the Interior Ministry within 72 hours of acquiring them and there are limits to the number of firearms and ammunition that a person can own.

Possession and ownership of firearms

The types of firearms that can be owned by civilians is restricted and does not include:

  • Automatic firearms
  • Firearms that are disguised as another object
  • Certain ammunition such as armour-piercing and expanding.

Possession of semiautomatic weapons, handguns, rifles and shotguns are all regulated and some require special authorisation.

There are a wide range of firearms offences ranging from illegal possession of various firearms and ammunition to the use of firearms in another offence. Again, these are severe offences that carry wide penalties. Please contact our specialist criminal law team who can assist and guide you through the process and explain the best approach for your case.

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