Sexual Offences

When facing an allegation of a sexual offence, we understand the devastating impact this can have on every aspect of your life. The effect of such allegations can also extend to the accused’s family, as well as their reputation and possibly their livelihood.

There is often a lot of publicity surrounding these cases and the social stigma of these charges can lead to a highly emotional and life-changing situation. Our experienced team of criminal lawyers have represented a wide range of sexual offences cases and can guide you through the whole process. We will ensure the utmost discretion and act for you in strictest confidence while making sure we provide you with the most robust defence possible.  To discuss your case, get in touch with us today. Complete the online enquiry form or email us at

What factors affect the seriousness of a sexual offence charge?

Various factors increase the seriousness of sexual offence charges, including:

  • The age of the victim
  • The age of the accused
  • If there is a familial relationship
  • If the accused was in a position of trust or authority
  • Where there is group sexual activity in the offence
  • The use of weapons
  • Whether the victim was deceived by the accused
  • The physical and mental health of the victim

Sexual offences in Italy

What constitutes a sexual offence will differ between jurisdictions. In Italy, sexual offences are now classified as a crime against the person, and the offence of sexual acts covers all forms of sexual violence. These offences generally are not consent-based and instead depend on the use of force, threats of violence or abuse of position or authority.

In Italy, it is a requirement that any allegation of sexual assault is filed with the police within six months. This can either be in the form of “Querela di parte”, which states that the victim intends to prosecute the offender (even where they are unknown). Once filed by the victim, this cannot be withdrawn. The other option is the “Denuncia”, which can be filed by anyone to notify the police of a crime.

Victims of sexual offences

Statutory rape is recognised where the victim is below a certain age. Victims of sexual assaults in Italy are advised to appoint a lawyer who will represent their client in court. The victim is entitled to free legal aid once the legal proceedings have started.

At Giambrone, we can help those that are the victims of a sexual offence and can assist them through the whole process as well as representing their needs. We realise this is a traumatic experience and our sensitive expert lawyers can help foreign clients so that they understand what to expect.

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