Financial Disputes & Divorce

Emotions can run high during a divorce, and disputes surrounding finances can quickly escalate. There are often immediate financial issues that need to be addressed. Resolving financial disputes that protect your interests will play a vital role in any divorce proceedings. Our specialist divorce lawyers can advise clients on their circumstances to ensure the best outcome for their needs and requirements to protect both them and their family.

These disputes can be further complicated where there is a cross-border element to the divorce, including assets located abroad. Our expert divorce lawyers are well placed to assist in these cases and, from our offices in the UK, Spain, Italy and Tunisia, and Morocco our multi-lingual team can advise clients in their own language, making the process less daunting.

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How are financial disputes resolved?

A major part of a divorce is determining how the finances of the relationship will be split. It is possible for the parties to reach their own agreement (possibly with the use of a mediator) and the agreed terms can then be made into a legally binding order. However, in cases where the parties cannot agree, it will be necessary to obtain a legal order determining the financial settlement.

The importance of obtaining legal advice

Due to the very nature of financial matters, the proceedings tend to be complicated and so it is recommended that you get legal advice as early as possible. Instructing the help of a specialist divorce lawyer can ensure you get the guidance and representation you need throughout the entire process.

We can assist and advise you on the orders that are applicable in your case and the process that must be followed to obtain them. There are a variety of orders that can be made, including spousal maintenance, lump-sum payments, transfer or sale of property or assets and sharing of pensions.

How will a financial settlement be determined?

Either party can apply for a financial settlement – it does not need to be the party that has filed for divorce. Many factors will be considered when determining how this will be done, including:

The needs of any children

The welfare of children will always be the first consideration during any financial dispute. Their housing and financial needs (including schooling) will be a top priority and can mean that the parent the children lives with is favoured when it comes to splitting assets.

The financial assets of the relationship

All income, savings, pensions, property and other assets will need to be determined as well as the potential future earnings of both parties.

Other factors to consider

  • The financial needs of the parties

  • The standard of living the parties have enjoyed
  • Contributions made by both parties towards the family (for example care of the children), as well as assets owned before the marriage
  • The health and age of the parties
  • How long the parties were married (often including cohabitation periods before the marriage)

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