Cross-Border Divorce

Going through a divorce is often the most stressful and challenging time in a person’s life. Where there is a cross-border element, issues and complications can arise, making the process seem even more overwhelming and emotional.

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An international approach to divorce

Each country will have a different determination of what constitutes a legitimate reason for divorce as well as the specific process. While the approach to divorce will vary depending on the jurisdiction it takes place in, some of the most common issues that arise include:

  • The rights and obligations of each party
  • What happens to co-owned property
  • The effect of the divorce on parental rights
  • If both parties took the marital name
  • Same-sex marriage legitimacy
  • The status of the marriage depending on whether it was a religious or civil ceremony

Our specialist divorce lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in cross-border divorces. We can advise clients on all of their options for their particular circumstances and the best jurisdiction to file for divorce where there is a choice.

At Giambrone, we have represented a wide range of clients in these situations, including those married abroad, those living in other countries and those that have assets in different jurisdictions.

Cross-border family law issues

When there is a cross-border element to a divorce, there is likely to be family law matters that also need handled. If there are children involved, particularly in cross-border divorces, there will be a lot of decisions to be made, such as:

  • The children’s living arrangements
  • If one parent wishes to take the child abroad
  • Contact arrangements with the other parent
  • Financial arrangements
  • Schooling

Since different countries have different laws in relation to divorce, time is often of the essence in these cases, especially where the parties involved have their own wishes on which jurisdiction to use. Our specialist divorce lawyers understand the urgency of these situations and can act quickly to protect your interests. 

We provide our clients with practical and realistic advice. We will always attempt to resolve issues in a way that avoids conflict and, where possible, lengthy court proceedings - which tend to be more expensive and time-consuming, as well as acrimonious and stressful. 

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Our specialist team of divorce lawyers can advise and assist on all aspects of a cross-border divorce to make sure that you get the best outcome for your particular circumstances. With offices throughout Europe and North Africa, we are well placed to assist in these cases.

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