Giambrone to assist clients against Profits25

Profit25 was launched in 2013, a Malta-based network project by a French/Spanish company based on revenue sharing, it has very quickly gained traction across several countries.  The project entails the purchasing of coupons (priced at around £20 each) and then offers the opportunity for return on investment (ROI) by clicking on advertising banners.  It has recently been introduced in countries such as Italy, is presented as a platform in French, Spanish and English, with the option of translation to other languages in order to gain reach across Europe and further afield.

The simplistic scheme was presented as a way to make easy money from home.   Investors could join the system through sponsorship, or by invitation from an existing user. After registration, the user is able to buy a minimum of two coupons up to a maximum of 24.  Users were then requested to click on banners featuring a call to action and allowed a minimum number of impressions per user.  Each user was expected to deliver a specific number of daily clicks depending on the coupons in their possession.  

Profits25 would thus increase inbound traffic to its website. This would then, in turn, generate a weekly profit that would then be credited on pre-paid cards, credit cards or via bank transfer to the users.   However, a number of participants to the scheme did not receive any payments. 

It would appear that Profits25 is in fact a type of Ponzi, or a pyramid scheme, where typically users are invited to lure other people, friends and family, into the system which is designed to make money for the organisers of the scheme but does not deliver to the members of the system.

Profit25 has come to the attention of The Italian National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange (Consob) and a warning has been issued to potential investors that both and are banned from providing their investment services and offering products of any financial nature in Italy relating to any operation conducted via Profits25 platform.

Following to several complaints received by defrauded investors, Giambrone is set to assist clients in retrieving the investments they have lost with Profits25.

Lawyers at Giambrone are well aware of the operations conducted by Profits25 to the detriment of inexperienced, small investors. Giambrone will consider all viable cases and those cases that follow certain pre-defined criteria a no win, no fee may be applied.

The Banking and Financial Fraud department at Giambrone prides itself of numerous successes in representing hundreds of financial frauds victims in the field of binary options, Forex and multi-level marketing, such as the class actions against TIRN, Telexfree, Banc de Binary and Plus500.

More than 15 specialised professionals operate through an international network of offices located in Milan, Rome, Palermo, Sardinia, London, Glasgow, New York, Munich, Barcelona and Mallorca, offering in-depth experience and expertise in resolving issues relating to the Forex market.

If you have invested with Profits25 and believe you have been defrauded, you can contact us at Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)207 183 9482.