Giambrone announces legal action against Unetenet

Giambrone announces an imminent class action against the Multilevel Marketing company Unetenet.

Unetenet, whose headquarters are located in San Vincente and the Grenadines has been active since 2008. It is however since 2012 that the company started offering clients on-line sales based products.

Unlike other societies offering investments opportunities in the global financial markets, Unetenet offered clients the possibility of joining a “Multilevel Marketing” scheme. Through a monthly or yearly fee, clients were offered IT tools that would allegedly enable them to gain profits by proposing purchases within the network of clients involved in Unetenet operations.

Subsequently, the company has gradually shifted its operations towards an online operations based system ( similarly to what Libertagia Mundial has operated). This would have enabled clients to gain profits according to their initial investments.

It was often sufficient to promote advertisements that Unetenet proposed to its clients, through simple mechanical operations, in order to gain significant profits.

As it often happens, Unetenet appeared to be, at least initially, a reliable company. However, the company subsequently stopped all profits withdrawal operations.

Gabriele Giambrone, founder and Managing Partner at Giambrone, commented: “our law firm is currently operating on two different lines of action. Firstly, the Forex Department at Giambrone will be able to represent clients that have been defrauded in a class action against Unetenet, through our close-knit cooperation with a Spanish law-firm. Secondly, our law firm is currently investigating on the network of Unetenet’s affiliate companies in order to involve them in our class action.”

The Forex Department at Giambrone prides itself of numerous successes in representing hundreds of financial frauds victims in the field of binary options, Forex and multi-level marketing, such as the class actions against TIRN and Telexfree.

More than 15 specialised professionals operate through an international network of offices located in Milan, Rome, Palermo, London, Munich, Barcelona, offering in-depth experience and expertise in resolving issues relating to the Forex market.

If you have invested in Unetenet and believe you have been defrauded, you can contact us at Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)207 183 9482.