Italian Immigration & Visa Appeals

When preparing your application for asylum in Italy it is essential that you receive legal advice from a specialist Italian immigration solicitor. Our lawyers take care of the entire process and are usually able to quote a fixed fee to provide assistance and advice for the request of the work authorization, the entry visa and the permit to stay in Italy.

Our Immigration lawyers have extensive experience in making marriage, civil partnership, asylum and human rights applications (in particular Article 8: the right to private and family life, and Article 3; protection against inhumane and degrading treatment).

Our fields of expertise also cover European Union legislation and include:

  • human rights applications based on fear of torture, or cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment;
  • human rights applications in Italy on the basis of family or length of residence in Italy;
  • family applications and Italian residence permits
  • appealing a refused claim for asylum
  • family reunion within Italy and Europe
  • passport & visa request
  • Italian citizenship applications

We offer legal advice and assistance from qualified Italian Immigration solicitors at the outset, whether you are appealing for the first time or to extend the visa you have been granted.  

Our Italian Immigration attorneys routinely advise non - EU business people who intend to move to Italy to start a business, financial or industrial activity, or to obtain the elective residence.

VISA refusal and right to appeal

If your Schengen Visa has been refused by the Italian Embassy or Consulate, you have the right to appeal against the unfair refusal within 60 days from the date of notification. Time is of essence because the Administrative Tribunal in Rome (TAR) will not consider late applications. In order to formally instruct us to appeal a decision to refuse a VISA to Italy, we need a copy of the letter received from the Italian Consulate or Embassy, evidence of your ability to be financially independent whilst in Italy ("proof of funding" or "proof of income"), copy of your passport and utility bill together with a payment of a retainer fee for our costs.

Following an incorrect procedure or making wrong applications may lead to enormous consequences. For this reason, it is critical to apply to a Lawyer with competence and adequate preparation.

An Italian lawyer is required by law as only an Italian immigration lawyer would be allowed to appeal your refusal before the Administrative Tribunal in Rome (TAR) and you cannot appeal personally. If you entrust your case to Giambrone, you can be sure that you apply to a professional law firm that will provide you with the best lawyers and their legal advice in all aspects of Private Immigration Law.

Our diverse team of Italian Immigration Solicitors can give legal advice in the following languages: English, Italian, French, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi.

If you are not sure what category of immigration law applies to you, but are seeking advice, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the on-line enquiry form here or contact: