Oil & Gas Law

Giambrone Law Firm, thanks to a team of expert lawyers in this sector, is able to offer a wide range of legal and corporate services: mergers, acquisitions, sales, joint ventures, design, development and operations, financing, investments, environmental issues and regulatory, litigation, arbitration, intellectual property issues and tax structuring.

Thanks to its nature as an international law firm, Giambrone is also able to guide clients with regard to international law issues concerning the Oil and Gas sector.

This is why Giambrone can provide valid help in the creation of complex documentation, new transactions, cross-border energy projects and defend customers from any type of dispute.

Giambrone is in contact and works with national oil companies, oil field service companies, developers to provide experience ranging from project structuring, government agreements and project approvals and finance to engineering, procurement, project management and contracting details. construction. Another strategic area in the Oil and Gas sector and in which Giambrone can offer legal assistance is that of the protection and defense of the intellectual property of extraction and recovery technologies.

The lawyers at the Portuguese firm Giambrone will also be able to follow clients in the authorization and certification steps of the acquisition and  to the right of precedence, environmental and greenhouse gas compliance, transport, storage and constituent services contracts, production service contracts and processing, revocation agreements, underground hydrocarbon and compressed air storage projects, interconnection and expansion agreements, the development of tariffs and related tax issues, pipeline ownership and capacity rights and the management of disputes arising from or relating to any of these activities.

For all these activities, Giambrone will be able to offer all its professionalism and experience and, therefore, everything you need in such a delicate sector that involves critical business decisions, influenced by political and economic complexities.