Spanish Debt Collection Lawyers

Overseas debt collection can be one of the most challenging areas for UK companies doing business overseas.  No matter how successful a business is if there are outstanding debts that prove difficult to collect it will impact on the business.  Britain currently exports £14,621 billion to Spain and it is inevitable that some invoices will remain unpaid.

If you are having trouble in collecting your outstanding invoices in Spain and your customers are extending their credit beyond your terms of business Giambrone’s Spanish lawyers can help you manage this critical aspect of your company.  We have experienced multi-lingual commercial lawyers  based in Spain who can navigate both the courts and the business culture and collect your outstanding debts from all over Spain and Spanish territory.

Giambrone’s skilled commercial lawyers in Spain have an impressive collection rate and have successfully assisted a number of businesses to recover money owed in all areas across Spain.   We aim to settle out of court, which is the best strategy to limit the legal costs our clients have to pay. However, if there is no option but to go to court Giambrone’s dynamic litigation lawyers will pursue your debtors vigorously through the courts to obtain settlement.

We can offer a range of services including:

  • Company searches
  • Tracing services
  • Letter before Action
  • Legal Action – Monitorio (Small Claims Court)
  • Representation at a contested hearing
  • Enforcement
  • Insolvency

Client testimonials

Plastics Exporter

 “I had given up hope of ever recovering the money owed to my firm by our Spanish client.  I just could not get anywhere.  Giambrone’s lawyers took over and within 30 days my invoices had been paid”

Light Machinery Exporter

 "I do speak Spanish and have been doing business in Spain for some time but I when I found there was a large outstanding invoice that was too big to write off was not confident that my Spanish was good enough to handle a legal matter.  Giambrone’s commercial team in Barcelona dealt with everything and settled out of court”