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If you own assets in Spain Giambrone can assist you to protect your estate and ensure that your wishes, outlined in your will, are adhered to when the time comes. Our lawyers have assisted hundreds of our clients to safeguard their benefactors' inheritance by drafting their will in crystal clear terms to avoid any complications arising from an unexpected challenge. Family units often involve step-children whom you may wish to be benefactors.

Inheritance is treated very differently in Spain compared to the UK and strict rules of succession exist. Your benefactors could be in the position of having to deal with an extremely complex long drawn out situation to demonstrate the provenance of their claim if consideration is not given to how your Spanish assets are to be dealt with on your demise.

To avoid your benefactors having to bear the cost of document translation and authentications before public notaries the best course of action is to draft a Spanish will.

Giambrone’s lawyers have years of experience and are experts in dealing with both complex and simple estates and will advise you as to the best approach to protect your estate from lengthy legal wrangles should an unexpected challenge be launched.

Our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Drafting a Spanish will
  • Arranging for the notary to witness the signature
  • Submitting the will to the Registry of Wills in Madrid

Client testimonials

“We were worried that our children would find it difficult to prove that they were our heirs in regard to our Spanish house. Giambrone drafted the will and will also help our children with any inheritance issues when the time comes. We now have peace of mind”.

Mr. & Mrs. N

“I am divorced and I wanted to be sure that my Spanish property was going to be protected for my children and safe from any challenges from my ex-wife after I died. Giambrone took care of everything” 

Mr. D

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