Italian Commercial Services

At Giambrone, our Italian lawyers offer commercial legal services to both companies and individuals that are based either in Italy or abroad in the UK, Spain, Germany and Tunisia. Our team in London has been providing legal assistance since 2005 to clients based in the UK that wish to do business in Italy.

The business world has become ever more global, and we are well placed to deal with any cross-border issues that arise. Our team can advise on the current business climate as well as any changes and amendments to relevant legislation across Europe and North Africa.

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Our expertise

We have a wide range of clients, including medium and large companies, multinational corporations, investors and Italian Public Authorities. Our expert Italian commercial lawyers are active members of various organisations, including:

  • Business Club Italia
  • British Italian Law Association
  • British Chamber of Commerce for Italy
  • American Chamber of Commerce for Italy
  • The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce in New York
  • The Italian Chambers of Commerce in Sydney and Melbourne

Giambrone – specialist Italian commercial services

We have a comprehensive range of services to offer clients in relation to all types of business structures and can assist with:

  • The formation and registration of new businesses
  • Intellectual property issues, registration and protection
  • Employment matters
  • Tax issues and compliance
  • Company secretarial services
  • Commercial litigation and disputes
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Cross-border commercial transactions
  • Business contracts, including drafting new contracts and reviewing existing ones as well as issues that arise that are covered by a contract

We understand that every client is different and so we will tailor our advice and recommendations dependent on the individual circumstances, needs and requirements. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries that means we understand both the legal and practical issues of running a business in Italy and the UK. We will take time to understand your business to enable us to assist you in the best possible way.

Personalised Italian commercial law advice

We can provide legal guidance to clients in relation to commercial law, data protection requirements and regulatory matters . to ensure they are fully compliant in all their business activities. We can also advise clients on related issues such as competition law and e-commerce. We understand the challenges our clients face will vary depending on their size as well as industry and we will help you achieve the best results for your business.

It is always better to deal with issues before they arise, which is why our expert commercial lawyers can advise companies on current policies and offer guidance on training to avoid problems in the future. We will always try to resolve matters via non-contentious means since this will usually be faster and quicker to get a mutually agreeable result. Still, where necessary, we are very experienced in dealing with litigation and producing the best results for our clients. 

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