Reputation Management - Defamation

The reputation of a business is one of its most valuable assets and something that needs to be carefully protected. It can take years to build up a strong reputation and this, in turn, can be ruined with just one negative incident. If your business is facing a reputational crisis, our expert corporate and commercial lawyers [can guide and represent you to ensure a swift resolution of the situation to protect your reputation in the future as much as possible.

Business reputation and digital media

The use of digital media has changed the way that businesses operate. Unfortunately, this also means that a business’s reputation is under constant threat of attack and a negative event can remain on the internet indefinitely unless the correct actions are followed.

Reviews and other content can be published instantaneously by disgruntled customers, employees or even a competitor, having a catastrophic effect on a business, both reputationally and financially. What is said about your business online can be one of the biggest influences on the success or failure of your entire business. If you feel the reputation of your business has been tarnished as a result of content posted online, you must seek expert legal advice as soon as an issue arises.

Supporting you and your business

At Giambrone, we can also advise clients on the risks that their company might face before a problem arises. We are here to support you and your business, ensuring that the correct procedures are implemented to prevent something happening in the future.

Due to the global nature of the internet, these issues can have a cross-border element. In such cases, we are perfectly placed to advise clients from our offices across the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Tunisia. Our multi-lingual team strive to provide the best possible legal assistance, which is why we will speak to you in your language to ensure the whole process is transparent.

Defamation and malicious falsehoods

Defamatory or malicious allegations can have a severe impact on a client’s reputation. With a wealth of knowledge, our lawyers at Giambrone can assist clients wishing to bring libel, slander or malicious falsehood claims and advise on the best approach.

Defamation is a false statement that is presented as the truth in order to damage the character of the person or the reputation of a  business. The person stating the untruth must have known that this was the case or was indifferent as to whether or not it was true. Stating an opinion is something that cannot be proven as true or false and therefore would not be regarded as defamation.

Slander and libel are both forms of defamation, but with distinct differences in the way they are communicated. While libel is a defamatory statement made in writing, slander is when the statement is spoken.

Giambrone reputation management

Our firm can protect a business’s reputation when it comes under threat and can advise on the various laws and issues that apply in these cases, including:

  • Confidentiality and privacy laws
  • Broadcast and press media
  • Advertising law
  • Intrusion from the press and paparazzi
  • Brand protection
  • Data breaches and theft
  • Cybersecurity
  • Misuse of private information
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Crisis management

Contact our Defamation Lawyers in the UK

If you need help with reputational management for your business, our legal team can provide tailored guidance after examining the specifics of your case. Your business’s reputation is paramount to the success of your company, and we will work tirelessly to protect it. If you require further information or assistance, please complete the online enquiry form or email us at