Tunisian Citizenship Lawyers

Our lawyers are able to take care of the entire process relating to a request of the Tunisian citizenship, however the applicant must satisfy certain circumstances.

How to obtain Tunisian citizenship?

  • Original nationality

A certificate in Tunisian nationality, given as an original nationality, to everyone who requests it and proves that he was born to a Tunisian father or to a Tunisian mother, or was born in Tunisia from a father and ancestor of the father who were also born in it ...)

The certificate is received from the Minister of Justice, who alone has the capacity to deliver it, however, diplomatic and consular representatives of Tunisia abroad, as well as governors of the sub-districts residing in their constituency, the student, with the exception of the governor of the Tunis district, are also eligible to deliver that certificate

  • Acquiring citizenship thanks to the law

Tunisian citizenship can be obtained thanks to the law by:

A foreigner married to a Tunisian, if the couple have resided in Tunisia for at least two years

The quarantined young man is adopted by a Tunisian, on the condition that he is not married

  • Acquiring citizenship by naturalization

A foreigner residing in Tunisia for more than five years can apply for the acquisition of Tunisian nationality by naturalization. And exempt from this condition (five years) is the person who proves that his original nationality was Tunisian nationality, the foreigner married to a Tunisian, as well as the foreigner who performed great services to Tunisia

Requests related to the acquisition of nationality, whether by naturalization or by virtue of the law, shall be submitted to the Ministry of Justice or directed to it by a written letter of access with the notification of puberty, and they must be attached to all the supporting documents.

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