Immigration Lawyers in Tunisia

Our lawyers are able to take care of the entire process relating to a request of the work authorization, the entry visa and the permit to stay in Tunisia.

Our Tunisian Immigration attorneys routinely advise non-EU individuals who are planning to move to Tunisia to start a business, financial or industrial activity, or to obtain the elective residence.

To reside in Tunisia permanently, you need a residence permit, rest assured, it is easy to obtain.

Note that if you are a student in Tunisia, you do not have the right to work, because you hold a “student” residence permit, a document that does not give you the right to have a professional activity for which you are entitled. You must have a visa and a residence permit authorizing you to exercise a salaried activity in Tunisia. By being a student, you can on the other hand have a voluntary activity, create an association, or carry out an internship.

The Tunisian residence permit is valid for one year, it is renewable each year. As cohabitation is not recognized in Tunisia, an unemployed cohabitant will find it difficult to obtain a residence permit. The application for a residence permit is made at the police station corresponding to your place of residence in Tunisia. Investors, their family members and the executives who work with them submit their files to the offices of the Industry Promotion Agency, or to the Investor Support Unit of the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation.

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