Tunisian Personal Injury Solicitors

Giambrone’s specialist Tunisian personal injury lawyers have successfully assisted numerous clients in mid to high value claims where some form of injury (mild through to severe) was sustained through no fault of their own, throughout Tunisia.

If you have suffered any kind of personal injury, illness or accident that was not your own fault, Giambrone's expert Tunisian Personal Injury lawyers will endeavour to secure the compensation that you deserve.

Accidents considered as 'personal injury accidents' include for examples; road traffic accidents, work accidents, slipping in public places, trips or falls and faulty goods accidents. 

Our Tunisian personal injury experts are trained to help clients understand the process and procedure of making a claim against an Tunisian insurance in simple terms. Our experienced team of Tunisian personal injury specialists often deal with personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis and our fees are usually recovered from the other side. 

Giambrone genuinely cares about its clients and have always its utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for them in the shortest possible time. 

Our primary aim is to build on and increase the benefits of early but fair settlements which satisfy both parties to a dispute.  Hence, parties are encouraged to resolve their particular dispute without resorting to litigation by adopting the method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as:

  • Discussion and negotiation;
  • Early neutral evaluation by an independent third party (for example, an individual experienced in the subject matter of the claim); or
  • Mediation – a form of facilitated negotiation assisted by an independent neutral party

In cases where ADR. fails and matters become contentious, our award-winning Italian litigation lawyers vigorously fight for clients’ rights through the appropriate court.

Road Accidents in Tunisia

Road traffic accidents can have devastating consequences, physical and financial, with Giambrone's lawyers on your side you can be confident of obtaining the best possible outcome.

We understand that road traffic accidents can be devastating, and we don't believe you should have to suffer from other people's mistakes or carelessness. We're fully trained and experienced in the realm of road traffic accidents and know just what it takes to get the road accident compensation that you're looking for, Giambrone's expert lawyers can advise on any valid road traffic accident claim with a view to obtaining the best outcome.

Road traffic accidents when involving car accidents, are generally covered by car insurance policies, either third party fire and theft, or comprehensive car insurance. All individuals involved in an accident, drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians, including accidents involving animals can make personal injury claims for compensation if another person or organisation was to blame for the accident. 

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