Tunisian Debt Collection

Giambrone offers a full range of debt collection across Tunisia. Giambrone's experienced Tunisian debt collection lawyers are experienced and equipped to collect debts of all types.

Our success rate is high and we aim to settle most of the cases out of court and without the need for judicial intervention; however, should we need to take the matter to court, our debt collection team are more than capable to litigate on your behalf.

Choosing to use a debt collection lawyer to collection your outstanding invoices often proves more effective than a debt collection agency as, in most countries, including Italy, a lawyer has a wide range of legal tools and will take appropriate action to collect your debt, dependent on the situation for example: start legal procedures, file a petition for bankruptcy, have an attachment placed on assets of the debtor. A debtor may be familiar with the options that a debt collection lawyer has and is therefore often prepared to settle the debt amicably.

The usual procedure for Tunisian debt collection will involve:

1. Letter before action: if we make a recovery of the debt without legal proceedings we charge a fee based on a percentage of the debt.

2. Tracing agents: if the address of the debtor is unknown we confirm their current location by instructing a tracing agent.

3. Issuing proceedings: if a defence is filed at court, Giambrone’s experienced lawyers will litigate on your behalf.

4. Enforcement: if the debtor fails to settle the debt following court proceedings then we have various options available to enforce action to recover the debt, this includes bailiffs, charging orders, third party debt order and attachment of earnings.

We will look at the unique facts of your case and advise on the best procedure to take to obtain settlement based on what brings the most effective return within your time constraints.

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