Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

“Cross Border Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2014” 
Global Law Experts

Giambrone is recognised for its many successes in handling complex, cross-border arbitration and dispute resolution cases.  

Giambrone’s ADR lawyers represent private  clients located across the globe. Disputes are settled in the quickest time possible so as to minimise costs and stress associated with lengthy court litigation proceedings. By using sophisticated negotiations skills, easing tensions and building a consensus at the bargaining table, disputes are approached in a conciliatory and mediatory manner.
Our work is predominantly dedicated to complex, and often highly-contentious, multijurisdictional disputes.  In addition, our guidance is sought by non-Italian lawyers on issues of Italian law and procedure arising in foreign legal proceedings.
Giambrone has a close affiliation with the ADR Center (a member of JAMS International), Italy’s first and largest provider of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution services. This association provides us with the ability to organise mediations in the UK, Italy and many other locations throughout Europe as well as the United States.

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